1-day-workshops – Initiation in HEP with quantic dimensions

These one-day workshops are
for everyone who is interested in really knowing themselves profoundly, diagnosing and treating the causes of these topics.
This quantic HEP method is different from other therapies because it is not just symptomatic, but instead includes all the associations (external and internal), reaching the causes of the quantic origin in their holistic form.

It is a brief examination of the quantic causes of dysfunctions – with diagnosis and brief treatment of the essential aspects – according to the title of the Workshop.

In the professional trainings, we shall examine the structure and hierarchy of the quantic frequencies that govern our behavior, in three blocks.

It is not a question of knowing what happened in the past; it is very important to detect and treat the genetic, chromosomal, etc. dysfunctions, with their internal
consequences (neurotoxins, micro-organisms, etc.) and their false signals that disturb homeostasis.
In my experience of 40 years of research with scientists, I have discovered through HEP these disturbed interactions that resonate in our behavior and homeostasis.

It was important for me to "translate" it into a language for everyone and to propose diagnostic and treatment protocols with immediate effect.
This quantic HEP method is an interaction with the patient, who can see and feel each “layer” that makes up his or her disease or distress. The patients' interest and participation in the deprogramming–reprogramming accelerates the healing process and allows them to understand their history.
Manipulation by either party is ruled out, as the process is based on facts and not on interpretations.
These 1-day-workshops are an opportunity to know other dimensions, which of course are treated in greater depth in the professional training workshops.

1-Day-Workshops (Examples)