Coaching especially for Artists and High-Performers

Thanks to an specific energetic diagnosis your stress can be reduced in minutes and your potantial released.

A new way of psycho-energetic coaching for artists and high-demanding professionals

This psychological support is based on a psycho-energetic diagnosis and treatment that unblocks the obstacles produced by various sources of stress and internal-external pressure, which cause anesthesia of the senses. It acts immediately and from the origin, thereby liberating a person's internal potential.
This psycho-energetic coaching is not only unblocks the causes of inhibition, but it also:

Optimizes the connection to one's potential and to the achievement of one's desires and goals (overcoming success phobia)
Strengthens the connection with the Other Self and communication with other people by means of the discovery of resonances.
Through relaxation with quantic HEP and the connection with the inner self, the correction of the facial and gestural expression is observed.
The articulation of vocal-verbal and gestural expression is also treated with psycho-energetic methods.
This treatment is carried out in 4 languages: German, English, French and Spanish. Italian can also be used if necessary.

Details of various artistic and professional techniques employed previously in the world of theater, sports, and health can be found at my blog

Individual or group sessions (maximum 6 people)