Professional Training HEP
Professional Training in HEP with quantic dimensions is a new technique to deprogram traumatic imprinting from your DNA.
For all those who are interested in holistic health: doctors, therapists, psychologists, educators... and anyone who wants to improve their mental and physical status. It is also leads to personal development. 
The courses can be taught "à la carte", to meet any need, anywhere in the world, in four languages: German, Spanish, French, and English (I also understand Italian well).

HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology with quantic dimensions
  • Holistic psycho-energetic healing
  • The causes of unhappiness and disease
  • New method that re-programs your DNA in a short time

HEP – Professional Training in 4 Stages
  1. Basic course (4 days from 10-18.30 hrs.)
  2. Advanced course I.+II.: Micro-organisms, intoxications, allergies, neurobiology (3 days from 10-18.30 hrs.)
  3. Advanced course Quantic dimensions (3 days from 10-18.30 hrs.)
  4. Supervision (in agreement with the group)

    Detailed Program

    1. Block: Symptom and psyche, 4 days from 10-18.30 hrs. (Part 1 and 2)

    HEP-Basic-Ccourse,1st part – Muscle testing, diagnosis and psychic treatment

  • HEP the skeleton key opening integration and alchemy-growth
  • History and description of Dr. Callahan's initiation of psycho-energetic therapy, kinesiology, and Chinese medicine
  • psycho-energetic interaction and development of a HOLISTIC concept by Mascha Alex
  • Traumas and associations
  • Re-memorization processes that reactivate posttraumatic stress
  • Test points and treatment (Chinese medicine), translation of energy into algorithms and our language
  • Kinesiology (muscle testing), the compass for any pathway and the main tool
  • CAUSAL and psycho-energetic diagnosis with kinesiology - Procedure
  • Theory and treatment of the inversion of the energetic pole - unconscious self-sabotage
  • Treatment of psychic pathologies - with somatization - Procedure
  • Body-mind connection, the cognitive and energetic network
  • Sources of stress with psychological dysfunctions, disturbance of the bodily and psychic schema
  • Processes or re-memorization of external and internal traumas (biomechanical dysfunctions)
  • The therapist-patient relation - ETHICS - confusions, projections
  • Resonance, its language and meaning
  • Sources of stress - psychological dysfunctions

HEP-Basic-Course, Part 2 – Diagnosis and treatment of pathologies

  • Basic structure, failures, resistance, imprinting in DNA
  • Diagnosis of the psychological causes
  • Treatment – layer by layer – according to the diagnosis
  • Imprinting of remote traumas from past lives with their consequences and genetic failures, psychic disorganization, or diseases
  • Causes and danger of chronic relapses (vicious circles and obsessions) in unhealthy behavior 
  • Treatment – ordering the biochemical and psycho-organic system and diamagnetic resilience. New beliefs – spirituality and brain plasticity.
  • Presentation of the DVD of Dr. Callahan and Dr. Roy about the change in the autonomous nervous system after treatment.
  • Delivery of Certificates
After this basic course, students are recommended to continue with the advanced course I. + II., to understand the holistic concept and the content of the disease: Micro-organisms, intoxications, radioactivity, inheritance, associations, etc., that disrupt homeostasis, creating emotional and physical problems.
2. Block: Holistic-psychosomatic concept: reactivating associations, 3 days from 10-18.30 hrs.

Advanced HEP course I. + II., Micro-organisms, intoxications, neurotoxins, allergies, neurobiology

  • Cause and danger of obsessive-recurrent behavior in the disease
  • Re-memorization processes of stress hormones due to: inheritance, micro-organisms, intoxications, allergies, neurobiology, biochemistry, etc.
  • Extension of the cognitive network (understanding the content of the disease)
  • Correction of the cognitive-energetic network, extension of the psycho-organic order, biomagnetic resilience, new mental and spiritual approaches, brain plasticity.
  • Immune depression, DNA imprinting and genetic deformations with false neuronal signals
  • Diagnosis of transgenetic and transgenerational factors,
  • Traumatic imprinting of past lives and the sequelae in the genes, disturbed perceptions, diseases, interruptions of the neurotransmitters, enzymes, hormones, neurobiological chain, etc., and other dysfunctions, for example, due to radioactivity.
  • Difficulty to absorb vitamins and minerals; lacks and deposits that cause diseases
  • Table of psychogenetic immune dysfunctions
  • Delivery of certificate
3. Block: Psyche – Psychosomatic – Soul, 3 days from 10-18.30 hrs.
Advanced quantic HEP course 
  • Union of body, mind and soul
  • Holographic matrix, regressions back to the original times 
  • NEW QUANTIC DIAGNOSES allow us to enter directly into the weakened structure, which frees us by treating old beliefs and unexplainable behaviors.
  • Experience of the conditions of the original design: provenance and associations (astral parasites, intoxications, etc.). Negative energies from the origin that condition us
  • Astral/ancestral entities or parasites are an energetic reality
  • The barbarous dead and the subtle manifestations up to the present day
  • The sense of our dark side – Humanity – of life
  • Deprogramming the inheritances – Independence and responsibility
  • Compensation of old patterns (duality, barbarity) activated by associations, consciousness, reflection, integration, alchemy
  • Origin of the addiction to self-flagellation – Disharmonic fractal
  • Activation of your potentials through:
  • Connection of the worldly to the universal-cosmic
  • Connection with the subconscious and the unconscious
  • Connection with the divine
  • Connection with the subatomic
  • Connection with the quantic dimension in time and space
  • Measures through kinesiology that provide information and synchronization of the soul and the body, imprinting from times and dimensions that were unthinkable till now.
  • Connection with the inner and outer world, with the mirrored earth and universe.

4. Block: Supervision (according to the group)
Supervision – Therapy
  • Technical review: muscle testing, position, test points, diagnostic procedure.
  • Recognizing the resonances that link us to the patient and which are healing processes
  • Projections, abreactions
  • Extension of the emotional and technical dimensions by means of the signals coming from your own intuition, clarity and clairvoyance – symptoms of stress
  • Strengthening self-criticism to obtain clarity in empathy
  • ETHICS – conscious or unconscious manipulation
  • POWER – the good therapist-patient relationship, the rules, information and TUNING IN
  • Democracy: contract between the therapist and patient to work as equals, in harmony and in the interest of both.
  • Nothing happens by chance... energetic analysis and collective healing

Proposal of the following courses on the topic of HEP
  • Conscious or unconscious manipulation
  • Sexual violations and their consequences
  • Abortion and self-excluding behavior (self-defeating behavior and suicidal behavior)
  • Erroneous beliefs (Self-sabotage)
  • Distorted perceptions of love
  • Prognosis, Orientation
  • Immune system: Short-circuit in photosynthesis and interruption of the transfer factor
  • Foresight: Preparation for surgery, childbirth, exams, decisions, etc.
  • Systemic therapy
  • Esthetics and beauty program, cellular regeneration
  • Psycho-energetic coaching – Something different!
  • The energy of the dead entities and their presence
  • Intrauterine intoxications and psychiatric or physical confusions after abortions (Anorexia, Bulimia, Delusions, etc.)
  • All the topics of the one-day workshops