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For the  victims of the fladd-Catastrophy in Serbia/Bosnia, and the earthquake in Chile

I offer free psycho-energetic treatment with HEP, for the victims as well as for the families abroad, which are suffering the same stress.

Emergency courses are organized according needs.
The last one was in Santiago de Chile during the earthquake in February/March 2010


Trauma derives from an event that involves loss or threat of loss of life or of something that is vital (one's identity), perceived either consciously or unconsciously.

Trauma provokes maladjustment of the autonomous nervous system (ANS)  with perceptive distortions (the five senses) polarized in hypo- or hyper-adaptive responses (change in the energetic pole: pH).

Posttraumatic stress (PTS) is an altered biochemical state that can be measured with bio-resonance, the heart-rate variability test, or muscle testing, and that is latent in the individual, and is reactivated when facing new impacts that are similar or associated with the past traumatic event, amplifying the existing perceptive distortion.

This persistent biochemical alteration is expressed at the mental, psychic, or physical levels, with distorted responses at the neural-cognitive, emotional, and behavioral or purely physical levels.

The intensity and amplitude of PTS will depend on the person's vulnerability (similar prior experiences).

"Denial” of the trauma is the expression of the brain's biochemical distortion (dissociation in various parts of the brain due to excessive flow of stress hormones during the trauma).

The more extreme the denial (impossible to express it), the greater will be the activation of PTS. Likewise, the more extreme the adrenergic response (higher vulnerability), the greater will be the risk of depersonalization or suicide.

Intoxications are always associated with trauma, provoking different allergies because they are processes of re-memorization of the trauma that reactivate PTS.


  1. Sexual abuse: Allergy to relate to others producing physical allergies to similar  gestures, words, looks, environment… biochemical change during the trauma, which depersonalizes, giving internal and social conflict..etc.
  2. Accidents: environmental intoxication and emotional state at the time of the accident, environmental intoxications like: gases, fire...radioactivity. Allergy to the vehicle, etc.
  3. Natural catastrophes:  Allergy to the feeling of impotence, environmental intoxication, telluric movements, etc. The repetition of the context associated with the trauma provokes hypo- or hyper-adrenergic responses that cannot always be explained consciously, but they manifest clearly (rapid breathing and heart rate, sweating, dry mouth, feeling of oppression, irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, apathy, etc.)



To quickly change the alteration of the ANS (autonomous nervous system), it is necessary to intervene simultaneously in the cognitive and energetic systems in order to regulate the pH of the thought field (process of rememorization… thinking about the trauma, which produces the same energy and frequency as the trauma).

Once the pH is rebalanced, it is possible to balance the rational and emotional systems. Cognition is the bridge that repairs the dissociation; this allows reaching the full range of the experience (repressed emotions), and give it meaning, elaborating mourning, the cognition between the two hemispheres.



The essential steps or techniques to treat trauma refer to:

  • Focusing on the current feeling
  • Simultaneous stimulation of neuro-lymphatic and energetic points (meridians) and
  • Deep breathing, which re-synchronizes the perturbation of the mental field and the ANS.



This biochemical change allows cognition to enter in the history and emotional recognition, which was impossible before  due to the neural-cognitive distortion.

The recovery of the space-time distortion and of one's proprioception is only possible with this psycho-energetic intervention, re-balancing the biochemistry of the brain. Thus, MOURNING is recovered and elaborated for each emotion, composing the psychophysical puzzle.

The fact of rememorizing the experiences layer by layer means THERE IS NO USELESS CATHARSIS,  because the  acknowledged emotions are treated immediately, changing the pH, which soothes the hyper adrenergic excitation and the erroneous beliefs (compensatory fixations) (“I'm worthless”, lack of self-esteem…”I'm dirty”).

Hence, this therapeutic process does not require transference and can therefore be applied in any place, to any person, in any situation.

Emergency Treatment

Emergency treatments of these characteristics prevent any kind of psychic decompensation, promoting a rapid integration in the situation in order to plan other, more profound treatments to re-insert the person in daily life.

In general, crisis interventions do not deal with the biochemical disorders present in prior traumas, which, as mentioned, prevent access to complete cognition.

Therefore, partial elaboration--only verbal--(due to the states of dissociation) of the trauma can sometimes become an instance of reactivation of the same trauma.

In this way, any intervention in trauma requires a psycho-energetic treatment first of all. The final aim of the intervention is to reach the point of danger of psychic or physical death, which causes a state of fixation if it is not treated.

It will then be possible to deal with the toxic associations and micro-organisms connected to the trauma, etc.

Emergency Treatment Workshop in the Earthquake of Chile

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, from 10-13.30 hours

In Chile, Mascha Alex carried out a Workshop for the treatment of posttraumatic stress open to the public.

In this workshop, an emergency treatment using the HTTF technique (Holistic Treatment of Thought Field) was carried out on all the attendants, who were taught how to treat their relatives and friends.

The workshop, which was very successful, was carried out in the Bioenergetic Clinic of Santiago de Chile.

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Taller de Emergencia TERREMOTO CHILE 2010

Sindrome Estres Post Traumatico Terremoto Chile 2010 realizado en vivo por Mascha Alex a todo público y terapeutas THCP. En este taller la autora realiza la terapia de emergencia en los asistentes y enseña el método de emergencia con THCP (Tratamiento Holístico del Campo del Pensamiento ). El Taller fue grabado en vivo directamente en el taller realizado en Santiago de Chile el 16 de Marzo 2010, entre un temblor y otro.

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