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Cancer can be an elegant Suicide


by Mascha Alex,

Cl. Dipl. Psychologist, Victimologist, Auther and International Teacher of

Holistic Energy Psychology (HEP)




Ever since I have been practicing Holistic Energy Psychology (HEP) for over 20 years, I have seen that the fear of dying is, in fact, the fear of “not making it in this life”.

Freud said that fear can also be desire...which, as I observed, is true in many cases.


Four reasons, why cancer can be an elegant suicide:


  1. The fear of or fascination with dying itself as an addiction


  1. The victims’ status

  • Parental heritage of the addiction to suffering is what I have found most frequently (90 % of all my patients suffer from such a heritage).


  • Concerning children with cancer: here is the manifest proof that cancerand most severe dysfunctionscomes from the intra-uterine period, from the time of conception (under drugs, alcohol, etc.) or from previous lives.


  • Severe intoxications by radioactivity, microorganisms with radioactivity, or medicines and drugs with alcohol during conception, for example, provoke yeast, which attracts intra-cellular parasites and other microbes, disturbing the intra-cellular metabolism, inhibiting the elimination of toxins, sending false information to the body and brain and causing dysfunctions.


  • The increasing radioactivity and other radiations, imposed by wars and nuclear accidents and now, by refined weapons and other kinds of warfare, chemtrails, chemicals, etc. render us victims, creating new kinds of illnesses and more and more cancer.


  • When disappointments are SO overwhelming, especially when they become chronic or due to some additional shock, there is such considerable adaptation to suffering that this feeling becomes an addiction. The overflow of stress-hormones, causing dissociations in the brain and the Autonomous Nervous System, also modifies all our sensations and emotions, which spin out of our control – they become dissociated.


  • Medical doctors’ diagnosis of cancer and the way it is communicated can be a very delicate issue, sentencing the patient to the finality of death and to a position of impotence. Announcing that someone only has a limited time left to live can be fatal, making the patient incapable of reacting and seeing other possibilities to conquer the disease.


  • Doctors’ dogmatic and arrogant behaviour and patients’ strong core-belief in the hierarchical structure that only what the doctor says is the truthcan also lead patients to give up – to come to an “elegant” suicide.


  • We know that as long as we are VICTIMS, we cannot get well. We are stuck in this position, unable to find a way out. Therefore, I have proposed instructions on how to deprogram the effects of radioactivity during 21 days, because there are too many weekend patients who are ill and affected by these imposed radioactivities, for example, in Yugoslavia, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, and other countries. These are the countries I've worked with.


  1. Negative Karma that we ourselves create

  • Our arrogant and dismissive behaviour, neither being thankful nor considering the other, nor considering what we have...etc., is a way of creating our negative Karma.


  • Anything that is negative turns the pH-level to sour-acid. This is the basis of every illness. The weakened immune system allows microbes to the same way as we attack ourselves with negative thoughts. Everything is in interaction. Negative thoughts disconnect us from the Universe and the Earth, cutting off our sense of life; by being reactive, we become primary beings, without any reflection, or inhibition.


  • At the cell level, this self-exclusion – dissociation inhibits the flow of energy, cuts off the enzymes and retains all the toxins inside the cells.


  • The self-created negative Karma also includes our self-destructive behaviour, such as eating or consuming inappropriate things and poor hygiene habits.


  • The phobia against changing bad habits is the most frequently observed obstacle to healing and shows that the patient is NOT willing to be released from cancer!


  • So, if we are so intoxicated by others, stuck by our heritage-dysfunctions and by ourselves through our negative behaviour (everything is in interaction), the thought of SUICIDE BY CANCER ...CAN BE AN ELEGANT SUICIDE. It is “tangible” and seems to be “justified” because of our lack of knowledge (the history) and lack of energy, or our rebellious behaviour.


  • SUICIDE is the most frequently found item in my HEP-diagnoses.

  • It is a kind of SELF-EXCLUSION, a rebellious reaction of disillusion with God and life, or not finding the energy to face life because of our disillusion and phobia against changing something.

  • SUICIDE is the opposite of LOVE.








  1. Karma as a RE-MEMORY PROCESS of barbaric behaviour from ancient times and a chance to recover our power of goodness, a quantum Memory and a deeper dimension.


A symptom is a “Gift” from God, revealing dysfunction.

Now, with HEP, we can immediately discover the origins and causes of dysfunctional behaviour or/and biochemical and other imbalances, etc. Many inherited dysfunctions produce a disorder in the ARN (RNS), giving ALL the information about distortions, since the beginning of human kind. Everything we have done wrong is located as a mirror within us. This is the quantum memory.


When there is a karmic moment of the re-memory process, we are confronted with this and invited to look in the mirror, in order to recognize the repetition of a very old and dysfunctional pattern.


  • Misuse of Power - CHIPS

These dysfunctional patterns are very often CHIPS (like a cemented core-belief) with evil and satanic boundaries, with contracts, pacts and vows...even black magic, which we ourselves have created, ore they come from others, so we continue to be critical and arrogant, manipulative and perverse, evil, abusive and corrupt... and we don't want to see this.

We are even afraid of these aspects, instead of getting to know them in order to recognize our dark side, seeing what we are capable of doing...with what strength we perform destructive acts and destroy things...and how we repeat this pattern sometimes, in subtle forms this misuse of power, self-exclusion, and abusive behavior.


Grieving over this misuse of Power and recovering its sense by acknowledging it gives us the freedom to choose to either carry on with our misleading behaviour or to decide to turn negative action into Love, Respect, Recognition, and a Sense of Ethics.


God has given us our life. What do we do with it? How do we cherish it?

If we have suicide-thoughts and behave negatively, not having enough resources, or “playing” around with death as a possibility (perverse)… then, of course, we do not cherish our life or our mind or our body. We don't take RESPONSIBILTY.


How can we be so arrogant and self-oriented, wanting to kill ourselves, throwing away God's gift? Of course, we think of this as an “opportunity”, when there is NO energy left to go on, when we cannot find a meaning in life anymore.


This is human! To give up, to be depressed...these ups and downs are part of life!

But the most important thing is to find your way back to your centre and be P R O U D of what you have achieved. to be thankful to yourself as well as to others, who have helped you to see clearer (consideration).


As you have seen, biochemical disorders of parental heritage (which render us victims), as well as quantum chips and mirror-conditions, or spirits, are also our pathway to LEARN to overcome obstacles, reminding us of our misuse of power by manipulating.


By searching for a way out, we find our potential. We find out WHO we are and how we behave, coming to our centre and authenticity. This is regaining POWER.


And in resonance with others and the outer world that we reflect, we are in a mirror-position in order to SEE and understand internal and external dynamics as a wonderful, harmonic flow, staying away from dysfunctions or resolving them.


Cancer, like other diseases that are associated with death, is a summation of different kinds of psycho-energetic-physical-biochemical and spiritual memories that are activated by behaviour and time (KARMA).


The assumption of a dysfunctional interaction reveals chaos, where everyone, including the medical staff, loses control because there is no interest in the origin of the malfunction.

Losing control is the moment of death, a disconnection.


Somehow, a decision is taken to die...consciously and gently, being aware of it...or in panic about it, or even rebelliouslywhich is the most frequently seenan elegant kind of SUICIDE... like a power over your life..


With HEP, you can find out about it and treat it right away, layer by layer!!!


Mascha Alex, June 2015


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